In June, Memorial Christian Hospital had 2048 patients between the two clinic locations in Bor Town and the IDP camp.


2014 Fall Partnership Dinner Posted Sep 14, 2014 By janzent

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General Situation Update in Sudan Posted Aug 19, 2014 By hammondd

The following information is courtesy of World Health Organization (WHO) and reflects the current situation in South Sudan: Insecurity remains the main threat and as

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Responding to the Food Crisis in South Sudan Posted Aug 03, 2014 By janzent

Partners in Compassionate Care has been serving the health needs of Bor County, South Sudan for 10 years, but today we face a new threat—famine.

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Memorial Christian Hospital 2013 Report Posted Jul 21, 2014 By janzent

A report of Memorial Christian Hospital’s significant activities for the 2013 year. Memorial Christian Hospital 2013

What Freedom Means to Me Posted Jul 08, 2014 By janzent

by Deng Jongkuch Many people did not believe they would live to see the day of independence for South Sudan. It was a joyful day

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Memorial Christian Hospital Update Posted Jul 08, 2014 By janzent

The past 6 months have been very difficult for PCC and our Staff at Memorial Christian Hospital in Werkok.  On December 30, we had to

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Summer 2014 Newsletter Posted Jul 03, 2014 By janzent

Summer 2014 Newsletter Update on South Sudan Crisis, Bowman Visits MCH and more!