In July, Memorial Christian Hospital had 476 patients, more than double the number in January of 211.


Memorial Christian Hospital 2013 Report Posted Jul 21, 2014 By janzent

A report of Memorial Christian Hospital’s significant activities for the 2013 year. Memorial Christian Hospital 2013

What Freedom Means to Me Posted Jul 08, 2014 By janzent

by Deng Jongkuch Many people did not believe they would live to see the day of independence for South Sudan. It was a joyful day

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Memorial Christian Hospital Update Posted Jul 08, 2014 By janzent

The past 6 months have been very difficult for PCC and our Staff at Memorial Christian Hospital in Werkok.  On December 30, we had to

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Summer 2014 Newsletter Posted Jul 03, 2014 By janzent

Summer 2014 Newsletter Update on South Sudan Crisis, Bowman Visits MCH and more!

Sudanese Gather for 2 Days of Prayer in South Sudan Posted Jul 02, 2014 By janzent

Last Saturday and Sunday a meeting was called for all Sudanese to come to historic Zion Church.  This is the Church that was built in the early

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PCC Hospital Opens in Bor Town and Awerial IDP Camp Posted Jun 11, 2014 By janzent

In response to the lack of security and vacated population around the Memorial Christian Hospital (MCH) in Werkok, the MCH staff have postponed reopening the

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An Answer to Prayer Posted Jun 11, 2014 By janzent

The PCC board, MCH employees, and the South Sudanese extend special thanks and much appreciation for keeping the hospital in your prayers during this crisis

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MCH Update Posted Mar 06, 2014 By admin

Although the village of Werkok lies in ruin, Memorial Christian Hospital still stands. Praise God! MCH Staff is working with the government in hopes to

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Urgent Need in South Sudan Posted Dec 19, 2013 By janzent

With rebel forces in control of the state’s capitol, 100,000 people have fled the city of Bor to seek shelter in the rural villages. This

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Join us October 14th Posted Sep 20, 2013 By admin

Please join us for a walk on the wild side, featuring the sights and sounds of South Sudan. You’ll hear stories from those who’ve been

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